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Full Circle Salon Recycling

We are proud to recycle our waste 

Here at Noi Salon we are very proud to recycle our waste, our aim is to reduce

landfill by recycling all our waste that can be recycled. By teaming up with Salon Concepts, founders of Full Circle, we are now proud to be a certified sustainable salon member.


Our Story

We are now entering our 3rd year here at Milsom Place, the constant usage of plastics, cardboard and other materials is constantly growing in volume, hence why we have gone a step further to become members of Full Circle Salon Recycling. Now our guests can relax and enjoy their experience even more by knowing that their trusted salon are playing a major part in the reduction of landfill. 

We kindly ask our clients to make a £1 contribution per
visit to support us in collection costs (discretionary)

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